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RE: Arches Platine

Hi Steven,

I would not know how to get Arches Platine, I myself use Simili Japon
for Pt printing, and I quite like it, although it has a creamy base,
perhaps you won't like that.

You could check out our friend Roger at http://www.permadocument.be/,
Brussels , Belgium.

On this list used to be (still are?) 2 other Pt printers in The
Netherlands I know of: Witho Worms at http://www.witho.nl/ and Erich
Camerling at f2hcamerling43@hetnet.nl

Perhaps you can contact them, maybe they know more..



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> Sent: dinsdag 26 februari 2008 22:27
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> Subject: Arches Platine
> Does anyone know if Arches Platine is available in the Netherlands?
> not, is there a good place in Europe to order it from?

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