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and if you make a bad print you can make it into a sandwich! heheheeh How ya doing Peg!

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I have done quite a bit of natural dying for fiber and have a number of sources of herbs, roots , nuts and berries that woiuld be gereeat for anthrotypes. one thing you have to be careful about is blue dyd stuff. they arent colorfast. there are some mordating you can do with the paper or fabric before you use the natural dyes to intensify the color  and keep them more colorfast, but it would increase the bleaching time for your print. some things that are probably readilly available fairly soon are dandilions. with a few different mordants you can get anything from a bright yellow to a golden yellow. purple cabbage will also give a nice pinkish purple. if you get a grocery store to raid their onion bins, you can get yellow and purple onion skins that work well also. the natural dyes are very safe for children and are a blast to do with them. let me know if i can help further. peg
Peg Fredi

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