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The typical stuff used for a really good black is logwood with an additgion of iron tannate and copper salts, however i think logwood may be hard to find but a  fairly good black may be obtained from strong black walnut solution. gather hulls and boil them down then put a rusty nail in the soup and let it sit for a couple of days then strain. have you thought about using silver nitrate - toxic but a good black. 

Peg Fredi

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From: Jack Fulton <jfulton@sfai.edu>
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> > liz,
> >  I have done quite a bit of natural dying for fiber and have a  
> > number of sources of herbs, roots , nuts and berries that woiuld be  
> > gereeat for anthrotypes.
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> > Peg Fredi
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> About 35 years ago I purchased two Ugandan bark paintings: a dark red  
> pounded flat bark painted on with some sort of black dye/paint. The  
> black color has faded quite a bit and I've thought of using poison  
> oak juice to 'repaint' the geometric
> design. Do any of us know of other natural dyes to produce a nice  
> black . . if you would like to see more I can send anyone a small  
> JPEG of the painting, which is about 30"x50"
> The post by Peg above made me ask . . sorry if it is a bit off-topic
> Jack