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Re: facial tanners for UV light?

How much does a facial tanner unit cost? I bought my 11x14 Edwards lightbox for $500 a while back. It is a charm. It has 8 15w bulbs in it, so I would first be concerned that the exposure unit you are talking about is not wide enough. Second, I bought my big unit from Sam Wang (who can chime in here) and he I think had someone build it for him. That has 12 20 inch 25W UVBL bulbs in it, and I can do all sizes up to 16x20 but if my actual print were fully 16x20 it would be difficult to expose the edges. I bought it used for $250 which has been worth every penny.

If you are handy as a builder (I am certainly not) there is a diagram in the back of one of Nadeau's books on how to build one, and maybe somewhere else (does anyone know where else on the web is one?). I think the supplies only run maybe, say, $150 or so, so I've heard.

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I spent my first day making cyanotypes yesterday and was having a great time and feeling like I was making real progress. Then I started losing the sun before I was ready to quit for the day. I had read an article on the alternativephotography.com website that mentioned using a "facial tanning solarium" and am ready to buy one in order to print when I have time, rather than just sunny days. I want to be sure to get something that will work, and not sure of what technical requirements to look for. I have seen several models advertised on the internet with four 15w UV bulbs. Does anyone on this list use some type of "facial tanner" for exposing prints? Any advice on brand, model or features - just switch it on and off, right? Is there a better way to go for just occasional printing?

Thanks for any help.

Gregg Kemp