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RE: facial tanners for UV light?

Hi Greg

This is what I use. http://www.johnbrewerphotography.com/UVunit.pdf

Hope that helps.


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I have seen some low-end models for around $100.00 new and going for  
around $50 on ebay.  These are all four 15w bulbs.

- Gregg

On Mar 2, 2008, at 10:23 AM, Christina Z. Anderson wrote:

> Gregg,
> How much does a facial tanner unit cost?  I bought my 11x14 Edwards  
> lightbox for $500 a while back.  It is a charm.  It has 8 15w bulbs  
> in it, so I would first be concerned that the exposure unit you are  
> talking about is not wide enough.  Second, I bought my big unit from  
> Sam Wang (who can chime in here) and he I think had someone build it  
> for him.  That has 12 20 inch 25W UVBL bulbs in it, and I can do all  
> sizes up to 16x20 but if my actual print were fully 16x20 it would  
> be difficult to expose the edges.  I bought it used for $250 which  
> has been worth every penny.
> If you are handy as a builder (I am certainly not) there is a  
> diagram in the back of one of Nadeau's books on how to build one,  
> and maybe somewhere else (does anyone know where else on the web is  
> one?).  I think the supplies only run maybe, say, $150 or so, so  
> I've heard.
> Chris
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> Subject: facial tanners for UV light?
>> I spent my first day making cyanotypes yesterday and was having a   
>> great time and feeling like I was making real progress.   Then I   
>> started losing the sun before I was ready to quit for the day.  I  
>> had  read an article on the alternativephotography.com website  
>> that  mentioned using a "facial tanning solarium" and am ready to  
>> buy one in  order to print when I have time, rather than just sunny  
>> days.  I want  to be sure to get something that will work, and not  
>> sure of what  technical requirements to look for. I have seen  
>> several models  advertised on the internet with four 15w UV bulbs.   
>> Does anyone on  this list use some type of "facial tanner" for  
>> exposing prints?  Any  advice on brand, model or features - just  
>> switch it on and off,  right?  Is there a better way to go for just  
>> occasional printing?
>> Thanks for any help.
>> Gregg Kemp
>> gregg@roanokesound.com
>> http://www.greggkemp.com

Gregg Kemp

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