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Re: Where is Loris Medici?

Hi Christina,

Yes,  all able bodied men are required to go into the armed forces at some time although the length of service varies according to who you know, who you are and how much money you have :) He could buy himself out but knowing Loris I don't think he will. He'll be fine. Security may be the issue as far as the internet goes.


David H

On Mar 2 2008, Christina Z. Anderson wrote:

Whoops, Sandy, I think it is 2 years. He found out 6 months before he was
to go. He was very low key about it. I think (anyone can answer this from
Turkey?) that most able bodied men there are drafted for military service
for a period of time, correct? I think that is what I remember.

I miss him...Loris I hope you are checking the alt list every now and then!

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> Anyone heard from Loris Medici recently? He appears to have dropped off
> the planet. Hope he is OK.
> Sandy King