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Congratulations Jon!

In a message dated 3/3/08 11:27:22 PM, jon@terabear.com writes:

My friend Angela Faris Belt is having a book signing and opening
reception of some of the work featured in her new book on Friday, March
14 at the Art Institute of Colorado in conjunction with the SPE
Conference in Denver.

Work I did on Angela's intaglio prints is featured in the book and in
the exhibit.  I have her book and it's really beautiful.  Intended
primarily as a text book for photography students, it's a compendium of
many kinds of work and techniques, both digital and analog along, with
explanations on how the techniques were done and notes by the
photographers, as well as Angela.

The book, entitled "The Elements of Photography: Understanding and
Creating Sophisticated Images" may be seen and ordered here through
Amazon, though copies will be available at the reception:


Mark Nelson
Precision Digital Negatives
PDNPrint : Precision Digital Negatives
Mark I. Nelson Photography

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