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Re: art opening

COngratulations Susan and to your husband too!

In a message dated 3/5/08 8:06:51 AM, susanvoss3@gmail.com writes:

Hi everyone,

I wanted to mention that my husband and I are having a joint exhibition of our work, with an opening
on March 8, 2008.  Unfortunately I only have paintings exhibited (in other words, no photogravures),
BUT my husband John has his silver prints, which, in these times, having been done without
any "digital involvement" probably qualifies them as "alternative". 

I do plan to get back to making some photogravures in the near future, but I just needed
to sling some paint for a while.

I set up a website with some views of the exhibit. 
You can see that here:

Mark Nelson
Precision Digital Negatives
PDNPrint : Precision Digital Negatives
Mark I. Nelson Photography

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