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RE: curves and gum and Christopher James book

Dear Alters,

I am so thrilled with Christopher James' new edition of the Book of Alt 
Proc.  I'm not going to go into all the reasons why, just buy it you won't 
regret it.  Besides, it's got 3 Judy Seigels in there as well as Dan 
Burkholder's piggies and Sandy King and probably more names otherwise you 
all would recognize--can't say you don't get your money's worth from the 
images therein!

I just received my copy of Christopher James second edition today and as
Chris Anderson mentioned, there are a lot of names that many of us will
recognize including a skinny little woman in Montana that makes cool unique
gum prints.

I am glad to see James' chapter on Agyrotype which is a process I've started

So if you haven't ordered the book, then don't hold back, the sequel is as
good as or better than the first edition.

Don Bryant