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Re: cyanotype storage?

In the past, I've bought these great storage boxes at our local Jerry's Ararama that are often on sale. I've purchased archival sleeves from Talas in NY, but I usually just put prints in archival boxes and separate them with that tissue paper. I recently got a truly amazing deal on these custom-made wood flat files, though (sold by someone right in your neck of the woods, Gregg-- they still have a few left sitting in their garage, by the by)-- that this person replaced, because they opened new offices or something-- anyway, great deal, so now I use that and am much more organized. :)


On Mar 7, 2008, at 11:25 AM, Gregg Kemp wrote:

I'm looking for sleeves and storage boxes for cyanotype prints. I know I need "unbuffered" materials for storage, but not sure where to get these. I'm looked through the Light Impressions catalog and have found unbuffered tissue and paper, but not sleeves or boxes. Any suggestions? How do others store cyanotype prints?

Gregg Kemp