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Re: curves and gum and Christopher James book

Hi Bogdan and Henry (killing two birds with one stone/email),

Bogdan says: As a former University professor of 32 years, in Philosophy, of all
things, being critiqued comes with the turf. I don't know if you are
new at this although I seem to remember that you announced your new
teaching position last year, so unless I am mistaken, you are new at
teaching. Please correct me if I am wrong.

I actually have been teaching there since 2000 with a 2 yr hiatus.

Oh Bogdan, 32 years of philosophy???? You must have gotten critique in SPADES because everyone probably expects you to know all the secrets of the world! Maybe you can share some with the list???

Henry, you ask an interesting question. For what it is worth: I usually split channels on the positive and then get three greyscales. Then I convert each greyscale to RGB first. Then I invert and then I apply my curve.

However, I used your question in a little experiment. I just took the same image twice and curved while on the positive and on the negative. I inverted the image layer BEFORE flattening the curve adjustment layer into the image and this did not reverse the curve. However when again I took the same image twice, applied the same curve to each image, one a positive and one a negative, and flattened the positive and curve layer and then inverted it to a negative that was a HUGE difference.

Man I wish I was at home gum printing instead of on the road...