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RE: curves and gum and Christopher James book


this idea of custom ICC profile is excellent, it would solve quite a few
problems except one. Because prints in general have less dynamic range then
your originals, someone as to decide which part or parts of the original
range will have to be sacrificed or more positively which will need to be
enhanced somewhere in the workflow. Basically it's tone mapping again.

Suppose this profile maker exist, then with experience someone could learn
how to prepare each original to get the best out of it when printed. I
suspect that those using current methods do exactly that knowingly or
intuitively but they attribute this to the method instead of their
experience unfortunatly.

I'm curious to know how you have come to the conclusions you have mentioned
over the past several days since you never make prints - or negatives.

As Dan and Sandy said - "Show me the prints!". 

Don Bryant