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Pictorico OHP and Epson 2200 problems

I got a new package of Pictorico "Premium" OHP film last week and tried making some negatives with it over the weekend. The first 3 sheets jammed in my printer, an Epson 2200. I never had this problem with the "regular" Pictorico, but have only printed one package of that. I put a stiff backing sheet in the printer, the one that comes with the film, and the sheets passed through better, but some get small marks along them, as if caused by gears tearing into them to pull them along. Some come out OK, and some with marks, with no pattern I can figure out. Out of a pack of 20, I got maybe 3 negatives without any damage on them.

I goggled for some help, and also searched the list archives, but didn't find anything exactly like this problem.

Has anyone else had a problem like this? I'm wondering if its the "premium" version of Pictorico thats the problem(?)

- Gregg