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Re: Replacing my old 1280 with....?


Hands down it is the 3800 for everything you want todo and then some. 

Price is about the same as a 2400 when you figure the value of the amount of ink you are getting in the 80 ml carts. 

Much improved finer and smoother either pattern. 

Pressurized ink carts

Matte and photo black ink loaded at the same time makes switching just a matter of what media you choose.

17 x 22 print capability. 

Great auto head allignment

The only printer besides the R1800 that does not exhibit venetian blinds with digital negatives

Faster than R2400

Small footprint for the print size it make

Proven great inks for digital negatives

I worked with Josephine Sacabo making digital negatives for  polymer photogravure KM73 with great success

The Advanced Black & White driver is incredible for making toned black & white 

You will love this printer!

Mark Nelson
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On Mar 17, 2008, at 11:10 AM, SusanV <susanvoss3@gmail.com> wrote:

Okay... good info, thanks everyone. 

What about the Epson 2400? 

I'm sure I'd like to eventually go up to a 17" printer, but I'm choking on the 3800 price tag.  I could do a lot of work with a 13" printer for now, and the 2400 is about $600 online. 

What kind of recommendations for 13" printers?  Epson, right?  ;o)


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