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RE: Replacing my old 1280 with....?



Even though the Epson 3800 is more expensive, it is a better deal than the 2400 since it includes $500 worth of ink. You will spend considerably more money for ink using the 2400 when you consume the same amount of ink. The dot pattern of the 3800 is quite a bit better than the 2400 which may be an important consideration since you are making positives for polymer gravures.


You can purchase a refurbished model for $995 from Epson.com which includes free ground shipping.


Don Bryant



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Okay... good info, thanks everyone. 

What about the Epson 2400? 

I'm sure I'd like to eventually go up to a 17" printer, but I'm choking on the 3800 price tag.  I could do a lot of work with a 13" printer for now, and the 2400 is about $600 online. 

What kind of recommendations for 13" printers?  Epson, right?  ;o)


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