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Re: HC110 - Lith

As a fellow Dektol user I can sympathize, try HC110 dil H, around 8 mins or so to start, are you using a densitometer to establish an EI? you do know that light film is insensitive to red and can be developed using a red flashlight, right?

Zev Schmitz wrote:
Good afternoon all!

Ive been using dektol 1:10 for my Arista APHS film for years now (if its not broke dont fix it right?) but have finally been convinced to try a developer with a slower development to help with extending my tones (I wish to move to palladium soon). I had several recommendations for HC110 and as it comes in liquid form, I thought it would be easy enough for a quick go. Ive been working with it all week and have yet to be satisfied with my results, I cant calm the contrast.... The recipe I was highly recommended to use was (from concentrate) 1:40 @ 68F for 7 Minutes. Ive also been told to use "Dilution B" but that just seemed even more contrasty. Does anyone have any hints for this stuff? A better developer perhaps? Ive been following the talk of LC-1 but I'm not allowed to use such chemistry in my institution.



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