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Re: LC-1 developer question

I don't know the answer yes/no, but sulfite and bisulfite are
the same thing once you dissolve in water and adjust the pH to
where you intended. If you have the same molar concentration
of (sulfite + bisulfite) in the water, and same molar
concentration of Metol, the net result is the same. And if
this is the case, the keeping properties are also the
same. Just because one formula contains sodium bisulfite (a
misnomer for metabisulfite) as an ingredient and the other
doesn't, it does not entail in longer shelf life.

In other words, there are many possible combinations of
ingredients (formulae) that make the same developer solution.

I recommend that you do not worry too much about these things
unless you are a chemist. Your time is better spent in
figuring out how best you can get results you want by
adjusting the amount of stock B component.

Ryuji Suzuki
"Make something religious and people don't have to deal with it, they
can say it's irrelevant." (Bob Dylan, Biograph booklet, 1985)

From: david drake <daviddrakephoto@sympatico.ca>
Subject: Re: LC-1 developer question
Date: Fri, 28 Mar 2008 09:00:54 -0400

> I just looked at the formula for LC-1B. It contains as much
> sodium sulphite as I had used in my concentrated version of
> LC-1. However it also contains the bisulphite. I'm curious
> if there have  been similar problems of crystalization with
> LC-1B or if perhaps the bisulphite helps keep the metol /
> hydroquinone in solution better? I understand that it would
> extend its storage life.