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RE: LC-1 developer question

Indeed in this particular case, my concern/question was not whether David
de-oxygenzting the water but whether he dissolved all the sulfite first,
which would make his dissolving of Metol difficult.



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> >There are a lot of things that don't really matter in real 
> life and if 
> >you look at old literature you'll find a lot of them.
> >
> >Both Metol and sulfite can react with molecular oxygen dissolved in 
> >water, but in reality, the rate of that oxidation reaction is rather 
> >slow. Compounds that react with oxygen fast are not very useful as a 
> >developer preservative.
> >
> >It doesn't really make much difference regardless of which gets 
> >dissolved first, since a pinch of sulfite is not
>     To clarify, I assume you mean in terms of the 
> de-oxgenating the water since dissolving the sulfite first 
> makes dissolving the Metol difficult.