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Re: SPE and alt update

On Tue, 1 Apr 2008, Clay Harmon wrote:


Fortunately one of the alt-artists was Soo Kang Kim (sp?), a South Korean gummist who produces large and luscious tri-color gums. I chatted with her for a while, and she mentioned that many of her 22x30 inch gums have as many as 10 gum layers on them. I was impressed with her incredible technique. The prints are compositionally spare and just (as they say here in Texas) purdy as all get-out. If you ever get a chance to see her work, jump at the opportunity.

Sookang Kim was my student at Pratt years ago (notice I don't say how many years), and one of the most interesting things about that (to me, anyway) was that her very first gum print was as sophisticated in imagery and superb in technique as if she'd been gum printing for years. I gather she's doing color seps now, and imagine them sep-urb, but in those (ancient) times she (and most of us) did them from black and white negs, usually 35 mm enlarged onto... lith film!

As noted, her instant mastery (mistressy?) was uncanny... Whoever has a copy of Post-Factory #1 can see a black & white repro (printed much too black, hence very rough idea) of one of her first prints on page 6, with a brief outline of technique.

And PS. The only reason I can see to lament "alt" printing overshadowed by digital printing is that our supplies (dichromate, + other chemicals etc.) could be harder to come by. Otherwise, anyone can press a button... And the image is important, too... not just the process. (When the blend of process & image is perfect, it's perfect.)