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SIZE Re: Photogravure was: Re: SPE and alt update!!!!!!

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Title: Re: Photogravure was: Re: SPE and alt update
Big VS small 
In centuries past artists were only able to create small prints  due to available tools of the artists trade at the time. Etchings, engravings etc.. were commonly put in albums which were enjoyed and shared . Rather like showing a friend a personal  collection. Or perhaps like showing a friend a favorite DVD.  Then there were the "paintings" larger images which were hung on walls. Later as plates got larger and the availability to use larger presses, engravings and etchings began to hang on walls.. In essences , print makers originally created images that were in albums painters painted paintings that hung on walls.  Times have changed and technology has evolved. We are more and more able to create larger and larger works as "print" makers, in essence,  whether it is a gum or carbon or pd/pt or any alt. process requiring a negative. We are  more and more able to make larger negatives. Each artist has his or her own statement to make. To say an image created by any process, and by any of us , should be best seen large or small is truly up to the artist who is making the work, and that statement the artist whishes to make.  Yes small is beautiful and so is big. It is the work that counts not the size.  Study the past and grow into the future.
Liz Tuttie
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From: Sandy King
Sent: 4/3/2008 2:52:30 PM
Subject: Re: Photogravure was: Re: SPE and alt update

Yes, is it not a fact about big. I am so tired at this fad with huge prints I want to vomit. I hope the people making those huge prints never sell a one of them and have to build new storage rooms to hold them until their descendants destroy the atrocities.

Now, a nice 5X7 contact print, there is something to hold close to your eyes and treasure.


At 2:05 PM -0400 4/3/08, Ender100@aol.com wrote:
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Thanks Jon,

It's an American French Tool Press by Conrad Machine Co.  I got a table top model that will handle 18" wide paper.  It may also be a great pasta machine.  Josephine Sacabo had just gotten the big brother to this machine when I worked with her last fall on polymer plate photogravure-it was great fun.  Unfortunately it takes 3-4 months to build and deliver. 

I think I got "big" out of my system with inkjet printing hehehehe.

Best Wishes,
Mark Nelson

It's AlIVE! IT'S ALIVE!  THE ALT PHOTO LIST IS ALIVE!!!!  Chris must have given it an enema.

Precision Digital Negatives
PDNPrint Forum @ Yahoo Groups
Mark I. Nelson Photography

In a message dated 4/3/08 12:56:50 PM, jon@terabear.com writes:
Congrats on the press Mark!  What kind did you get?

But 'little'?  I'm doing 20x30" now and they are available at 30x40"...and even larger, so I've been told.

Larger plates present a new set of problems, but they are still alot of fun to work with (more so when the pesky contact issues have been overcome).


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