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Sadly iPlayer is available to UK ip addresses only. It is probably possible to fool it using proxies but I don't know how. I use this method to stream music from pandora.com but I don't fully understand how this works.

john@johnbrewerphotography.com wrote:

You will be delighted (!) to know that you CAN watch East-Enders on the
internet along with many other TV programmes here
I too am an avid fan of Radio 4, particularly the comedy programmes on a
Monday night at 18.30, my two favourites being I'm Sorry I haven't A Clue
and Just A Minute.

Cheers from England


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Richard is quite right (nothing new in that). Jokes don't always travel
well on the internet. It is almost as if they need a curve applied to

None of my attempted humour ever make it, and I often miss the jokes made


Partly it is due to cross-cultural issues. For example, although most in

country understand the american language quite well, it is not native to

So it was indeed fortunate that when the movie Forrest Gump reached New
Zealand there were some US expats here to explain the witticisms to us.


Don Sweet

When I visited England the first time it was in the train going from Gatwick to Victoria station, about where it is near the old Battersea power station, that it came to me that I was in another country. I began to understand what Churchill (?) meant by "two countries separated by a common language". I am a regular listener to the BBC, once on short wave and now via computer. For the most part I understand British humor (and even Scottish humor) but there are still references, mostly to people, which are simply beyond me so the joke gets lost.
For those interested check out the BBC at http://www.bbc.co.uk From the home page go to radio and click on the UK version, it has a lot more stuff on it. I mostly listen to Radio-7 and Radio-4. One can also hear spoken Gaelic and Welsh on local stations which are available in addition to the national services.
Now, if there was only a site where one could watch "East-Enders".

Richard Knoppow
Los Angeles, CA, USA