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Re: Thanks for The Laughs, You Guys.

Title: Re: Thanks for The Laughs, You Guys.

When I posted the message about large prints I was not thinking about gum prints or any kind of alternative prints, but about the current fad of huge prints that has been fueled by the gigantic Epson and Canon printers that spit out at the push of a button 40X50" and larger prints.

I would definitely not deliberately insult alternative printers like Keith or others who create large hand-made prints and regret that anyone took it that way.

Sandy King

t 9:58 AM +0100 4/4/08, John Grocott wrote:
Hi Folks,
                  I have been trying to maintain being a lurker for the past few weeks, months, just to stand back and see what, broadly, is happening on the List in some peoples' minds with regard to alt ( and non-alt ) photo image making.  Its really heavy.............
But, Oh good ! !  It must be Spring.  The ''Punch and Judy'' shows have started again. ( Apols to anyone with either of those names ), and thanks Sandy for the carefully crafted ''humourous insults'' re stonking great gum prints. Very refreshing to be able to chortle at tounge in cheek remarks, again.
BTW. What's happened to Gord's attached jokes at the end of the weekly reminders ?
Does anyone know any  old photography jokes ?
''STONKING'' is an English language colloquialism.
''That's the way to do it ! ! ''
Very Sincerely.
John - Photographist - London - UK