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I googled Donald Evans and enjoyed seeing his make believe stamps very much—tragic that he died so young.  Thanks for that reference!

One impact on art size is that homes have gotten much bigger with larger wall spaces to fill.  Since I do mostly printmaking on demand, I can size the print to fit the space.  I use the following formula based on the Golden Ratio to determine the horizontal width of the print:

For living rooms:
Width of Print=Couch Length/1.62

For bathrooms:
Width of Print=Commode Width/1.62

(Note: since new homes sometimes have dual commodes, you may have to double the commode width.)

For bedrooms:
Width of Print=Bed Width/1.62

Sometimes I determine the size of the print based on the amount of detail in the image and the importance of it—  making the print large enough so that this detail is visible.

Best Wishes,
Mark Nelson

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In a message dated 4/4/08 9:23:26 AM, cadunn@vt2000.com writes:

Hi all --
I think this may be my first post to the list -- (I'm old; I
forget.). I'm a new lurker and new to a-p in general.

Judy Seigel wrote:

I myself am going through a phase of wanting to work really
small.. And in a museum I just love finding a work of art the
size of my face--

I just wanted to throw in the name of Donald Evans (now deceased)
a lowlander who created postage stamps for invented countries and
executed them in watercolor. They are sights to behold.
Completely elegant.


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