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RE: Gum Sizing Brush, Roller, Tray

I think this approach originally came from Steven Livick's book through
Stuart Melvin to me. It is easy, fast, non-messy and very effective. I've
been using this approach since I began gum printing 8 years ago. I apply
the gelatin with a glass rod (aka Puddle Pusher) then use a hake brush (or
similar) to even out any areas that appear to have too much or too little
sizing. I've done this on prints up to 16"x24". The other benefit is that
you use such small amounts of hardener (formalin in my case) that there is
hardly any odor in the (ventliated) room. I wear a respirator anyway, just
for good measure.

As for hardeners, I experimented a bit with Glut based on Chris' success
with it. I found that I got more staining and less smooth prints than I did
with formalin. I don't see glut as being a much safer chemical than
formalin, so I abandoned it. I use glyoxal for workshops because it may be
less hazardous than formalin, especially in a group setting. It hardens
well, but if the sized paper is not used soon after application, the
gelatin will yellow.


> I saw Christina's post "I have not yet tried Kerik Kouklis' handy  
> method of adding 6 drops of formalin per 10ml hot gelatin at time of  
> brushing it onto paper which would probably be the ticket."

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