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RE: alt process at the university level


I've got a couple for you.  The first is Martha Madigan at Tyler:


I had the pleasure of teaching her wet plate collodion at Project Basho a
couple years ago. Really cool lady who does beautiful work.

Also in that workshop was Alida Fish from The University of the Arts in
Philadelphia. She is another wonderful artist. I can't find her website
right now, but here's a recent article about her:


It was bit intimidating at first when I found out I would have two artists
and educators of their caliber in my workshop, but it turned out to be one
of the best teaching experiences I've had. No pretense from those two!

Also, let me throw in a plug for Tsuyoshi Ito's Project Basho
(www.projectbasho.org). He has pretty much built this thing from the ground
up single-handedly and has created a wonderful environment for photographic
arts and education in Philadelphia. I've been there to teach a few times
and hope to return either this fall or next spring.


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From: Christina Z. Anderson zphoto@montana.net
Date: Wed, 09 Apr 2008 07:31:37 -0600
To: alt-photo-process-l@usask.ca
Subject: alt process at the university level

Good morning all,
Can anyone give me names of professors who are teaching alt at a university 
level either in the US, Canada, or abroad?  In other words, where is there 
an extensive alt program?

I noticed in the Project Basho announcement a James Hajicek at Arizona
University.  There is Sarah Van Keuren at U of the Arts.  There used to be 
Sam at Clemson :)  I assume that Craig Stevens and/or Steven Bliss teach
at Savannah College of Art and Design.  There's Mark Osterman who is 
developing one in Rochester....

Scott Weber, how about Florida?

My perception is it is not extensively taught--am I wrong on that?

I am wondering for students who want to go to an alt friendly undergrad or 
grad program.

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