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Re: alt process at the university level


There is a good concentration in Philadelphia which is a cool thing!

In addition to already mentioned names such as Martha Madigan at Tyler as well as Alida Fish and Sarah Van Keuren at University of Arts, now we have Andrea Modica at Drexel who teaches pt/pd.

Though I am not sure how extensive they are at each school, I know about the program at University of Arts with Sarah as I have been invited to show my work. They offer two sessions in introductory as well as advanced. They have in a halftone imagesetter in graphic design department, so students utilize it a lot.

Scott McMahon who was a student of Sarah is also teaching in the area. Though he is not teaching alt processes yet, he is proposing a class at University of Pennsylvania which is a new addition to their program.

We just had a group of students from Moore Colloge of Art and Design with James Johnson visited our studio to see the collotype exhibit this morning. I was happy to hear that they do offer alt process classes. They are hoping to add Platinum/palladium session in the near future.

At Project Basho, we are working closely with schools to bring any alternative processes we offer to these schools at their request. We hope to come to materialize a couple of these by the end of year.

We are working on expanding the range of offering by adding photogravure and tri-color gum this summer and fall at our studio. Hopefully these people and programs will make Philadelphia great environment to engage in various historical processes.


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On Apr 9, 2008, at 9:31 AM, Christina Z. Anderson wrote:

Good morning all,
Can anyone give me names of professors who are teaching alt at a university level either in the US, Canada, or abroad? In other words, where is there an extensive alt program?

I noticed in the Project Basho announcement a James Hajicek at Arizona State University. There is Sarah Van Keuren at U of the Arts. There used to be Sam at Clemson :) I assume that Craig Stevens and/or Steven Bliss teach alt at Savannah College of Art and Design. There's Mark Osterman who is developing one in Rochester....

Scott Weber, how about Florida?

My perception is it is not extensively taught--am I wrong on that?

I am wondering for students who want to go to an alt friendly undergrad or grad program.