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Re: fogged digital negative?

Hi Greg,

This is not a normal problem, but I've seen it happen before when the transparency was in contact with a Solarplate(TM) for an extended period of time after exposure. My sense was some slightly viscous chemical in the solarplate seeped out and contaminated the film, but any moisture could cause it. Try licking your finger and making a line with it on a piece of scrap OHP, you'll note the mark remains and will record in a contact print.

Are you certain your cyanotype emulsion coating and paper were completely dry prior to making a contact print?


Gregg Kemp wrote:
I was printing some cyanotypes today and one of my digital negatives seems to have "fogged". I've printed with this negative 3-4 times before, with fairly consistent results. But today it added a dark ring around the print. When I looked at the negative, it looked OK on the inkjet side, but the other side had a strange, silvery fog to it. The effect was to lighten the negative and print out darker around an area about 6 inches in diameter.

Is this a normal problem for a digital negative - a short life span? Or did I do something wrong - maybe use it too soon after printing the negative. I don't remember how long I waited before using it to make a print. But I've used it several times over several weeks. I'll make another negative, but just wanted to check here to see what I may have done wrong. The negative requires a 9 minute exposure for the cyanotype and paper I'm using. I'm printing with a UV lightbox that's around 26 x 20 inches or so, and about 4 inches from the bulbs.

- Gregg

Jon Lybrook
Intaglio Editions