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> I recall in the distant past that there had been some discussion of
> using silver gelatin enlarging paper in a view camera, eg, 4X5 sheet film
> holders to produce a paper negative.
> What I am hoping for is a starting point for an equivalent "ISO"
> speed for the paper. Even a ball park would be great for me to start
> testing. I know that it will vary with manufacturer and other variables but
> it is nice to have some idea to save time.
> I am not worried about image quality.I am just trying to get an idea
> of some suggested ISO.
> Thanks in advance.

Between 4 and 12 are pretty common.  Lately I've been using Arista EDU.ULTRA (Fomapan) RC VC matte and #2 graded.  For the VC ISO 8 seems to work well unless there is a lot of sky light (open skys reflecting off snow or lots of concrete) then I bump up a bit because things tend to blow out from all the UV.  With the #2 I work around 6-8 with a pre-flash. 

Lots of reflected UV (ie blue) will blow out the paper.  You can add a #15 yellow to lower the VC paper contrast or if you have some MG filters you don't mind sacrificing, they can also be used to bring down the contrast on VC paper.

Good discussions over at f295.net