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Re: vandyke solution- green flakes precipitated

I guess I've made around 8 small bottles of VDB solution since I've started and I've never  seen this before. Are you actually getting green flakes? I also filter when I first make the solution but it's a grey sediment. These are flakes, some of which are bigger than 1/8 inch. 


On 22-Apr-08, at 10:34 AM, Weber, Scott B wrote:

I use a double coffee filter to remove the flakes.

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Sent: Monday, April 21, 2008 5:26 PM
Subject: vandyke solution- green flakes precipitated

I started to do some actual prints today and found that my vandyke solution had a fairly large number of green flakes in the bottom. I have not seen this before and don't remember reading anywhere about flakes. I'm guessing that it must be some iron precipitating out of the solution?
The solution was made in November 2007 and has been kept wrapped in black bag in the darkroom. It has not been refrigerated but the room never gets much above 70 degrees.


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