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I agree it is a great printer.  If you haven't tried the Advanced Black and White option (ABW), you should — it produces fantastic warm to cool B&W prints.

I always feed transparency film through the top, as I do the paper.  Works fine.  If the paper has a curl to it, such as roll papers, I make sure the curl is in the vertical direction, same as the feed, not the direction of the printhead.

Enjoy your 3800!

Best Wishes,
Mark Nelson

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In a message dated 4/27/08 11:51:38 AM, marekmatusz@hotmail.com writes:

My Epson 3800 just came in and it is a beauty. My first color print came out just perfect. No calibration, a supplied Epson profile, no messing around. My question now is where should I feed the trensparency for printing negatives. I want to print both pictorico and ultrafine. I know pictorico should be no problem. Anybody printing ultrafine transparencied on this printer?

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