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Re: Albumen Prints at the 2008 Whitney Biennial

Thanks for that Eric,

I, for one, really appreciate pointers to shows, URLs, and reviews of shows that I will most likely never see.
The prints looked gorgeous Eric. It was difficult to see that they were albumen prints - they looked like platinum they were so wonderfully dark and rich. But then I don't think I have ever seen a contemporary albumen print in the flesh, so to speak. What size were they? Great start to the day.

Many thanks again

eric nelson wrote:
Hello group,

A little self-promotion here as five albumen prints of a larger body of work I printed for artist Charles Long are now on display in the Whitney Museum in NYC for the 2008 Whitney Biennial.

In case you can't make the show, the topmost video at the link below is an interview with Charles and shows some of the prints and his sculptures.

http://www.whitney.org/www/2008biennial/www/?section=artists&page=artist_long <http://www.whitney.org/www/2008biennial/www/?section=artists&page=artist_long>

Eric Nelson
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