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Re: ironing gum prints and other musings

Incidentally, Chris, we may both be thinking of the same fellow who
shrank the paper with a hair dryer until it was the right size. I recall an article in one of the photo magazines that described it... just reading about it made me want to do everything left-handed and blind-folded.
You're absolutely right about this article--if I could get out from under end-of-the-semester stacks of papers I could tell you his name and when published but I think it is Collins perhaps.

Incidentally #2 -- who was it said they pasted the paper to plexi with 10% gelatin... was that you Chris?
Not me...

However, in my experience, if you coat your paper with the pigment/gum/dichromate mix when it's too wet, it will sink so far into the paper that it will never never never ever clear... tho maybe that fellow wasn't actually making prints, just shrinking the paper (?).
To me, his method was a bit odd, because why not wet the dry print on the back and let it expand instead of shrinking a wet print? It just seemed a bit backwards.