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Katrina and nacho cheese

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  • Date: Tue, 06 May 2008 09:04:37 -0600
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Dear all,
Exciting--Camden just revised my website to be more user friendly (e.g I will now take it over since it is in Dreamweaver so now might be the only time it is "user friendly" once I get my hands on it) and put up some of my Katrina work on there so if you aren't in Washington state to see them they are now on the web. Please let me know OFFLIST if there are problems with the site or improvements you can see need to be made. I have some of my students' links on the site as well and sometime this year will include a page of my fave images from the last 3 years of teaching alt. I am super proud of them.


Also, if anyone needs to choose a color to duplicate nacho cheese, PY 110 DS Permanent Yellow Deep or PY 139 Maimeri Permanent Yellow Deep which is an isoindolinone yellow or isoindoline yellow is just the ticket. Also good for duplicating yellow highway lines. I was doing both. And if you have no idea what nacho cheese or highway lines have in common, those of you in Minneapolis this July can see why in a show I will be having there. A very irreverent one :) or as Mark Nelson would say, hehehehehe. I will put those up on the web as well after summer.