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Mike Ware had a write up in his book the Chrysotype Manual...


Available from Amazon in the UK.

The accompanying hardcover Gold in Photography is a really good read:


but it is not the practical manual.

He touches on paper humidification process briefly in an online article


much more details in book above.

> Hi,
> Iım having problems controlling humidity.  Iıd like to make a humidity box
> for my paper.  I was planning on getting a tupperware container, some
> supports for the paper, a container with some water, and a hygrometer.  Iıd
> bring the humidity up to a  certain point then open it and put in the paper,
> and leave it for a period of time.
> What level should I bring the humidity in the box to? (60%)?
> How long should the paper remain in it (for a st a rting point)?
> are paper humidity boxes available to be purchased?
> Any other ideas for diy humidity control?
> Thanks a lot