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Re: archival adhesive for cyanotype?


For a use like you describe, I'd suggest a two-sided tape. I don't know the make, but NY Central Artists materials sells a wonderful one -- archival and very easy to use... just clip off a piece the size you want, then press into place, scootch off the cover plastic on the other side, then position what you want over it and rub down firmly, gently.

It's also easy to remove if desired -- just put some "Undo" (from TALAS last time I got it) on a cotton swab, ease into the area & gently pull off.

It seems expensive at first blush, was about $12 for a roll maybe a third of an inch wide tape, now probably costs more, but it won't dry out in the bottle, and a little goes a very long way. (Also no staining or bleedthrough onto the paper.)

I wouldn't use wet adhesive for any such use if possible to avoid... Are you familiar with Gudyo (not spelled right, but something like that)... sold in rolls...? The two-sided material comes with a cover sheet you cut to size then peel. A sturdier heavier sheet than the tape, but otherwise similar. (And of course, expensive, but worth it.)


On Sun, 11 May 2008, Gregg Kemp wrote:

Does anyone know of an adhesive that is safe to use (archival) with cyanotype on any specific paper combination? The adhesive would be applied to the back of the print, in just a small area near the center of the paper, to "float" it off the surface of a matte.

In other words, is there a combination of paper and adhesive that is not likely to damage the cyanotype? Or perhaps a paper of a very heavy weight? Or a way to treat the back of a paper before applying an adhesive? Would an acrylic medium be safe, if it worked?