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Galina Manikova -- now showing in New York

Readers of Post-Factory may remember when its calm, cool editor practically gushed, with the following lead (Issue #5):

"The Thesaurus has no entry for GODDESS, saying only 'see god,' which offers us 'good person,' 'sun,' 'thunder,' 'war,' and so forth _ not wrong, yet not quite the flavor. DAEMONESS is closer, but, let's try: Galina Manikova, nordic-russian goddess...

"She commands lightning bolts from her finger tips, makes art from fire and earth in media ancient as the dawn of history, pours molten aluminum like other women pour afternoon tea, strides cheerfully (and sometimes nakedly) through every incarnation of photography, then onward into digital media of such awesome power that analog persons speak the very names in awed tones, as of yaweh..."


Which is to say, Galina is as inventive and fearless in a range of forms, including many all her own, as any artist working in "alt" today -- creating art delicious well beyond "photography."

Galina writes now:

The preview and artist talk, as they call it, will be on Saturday, May 24, MEMORIAL DAY weekend, between 14.00 and 17.00 at Vytlacil campus of Art Students League of NY - http://www.aslv.org/about/

[For New Yorkers and other provincials, 14.00 is, according to resident timeologist, 2PM. Also, the Vytlacil "campus" is in Sparkill, upper Westchester County, NY, about 1 hour drive up from NYC, and 1 hour drive down from the Woodstock area. Bus or train also available. Details at the ASL website.]

There will be a car from Manhattan back and forth [on May 24], if people just let me know that they are coming. They should drop me an e-mail, so I can know how many want to come.

The exhibition opens later, on June 4 to June 30 and the title is "Connecting Wall, New York".

This exhibition is the fourth in the series: one was in China, one in Holland and one in Norway. All of them end up on the site www.wailingwall.no. This site is a computer art project, including all the exhibitions, but also much more...

Galina Manikova, galina@online.no


Galina says she'll forward the actual "invitation" as soon as it's ready, probably on Thursday. Meanwhile, there are six of her images (or six index entries, I haven't had a chance to check the images) in Christopher James' new book, so folks who have that can get a preview.