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Re:Printing negatives with Piezography black inks

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  • From: Erich Camerling <e.camerling@tiscali.nl>
  • Date: Thu, 15 May 2008 22:53:15 +0200
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Dear Eric(Nielsen),Jean-claude(Pronier),Mark(Nelson),Sandy(King) and

Thank you all very much for your answers on my question about
Piezography inks on film.
When I summarize the answers:
1)Piezography does NOT(or very weak) stick on Pictorico OHP according to
Mark,Eric,Sandy and Joseph.
2)Piezography does stick on Pictorico according to Jean-claude his
friend Claude Plessier.(but does he print negatives ???)
3)Piezography does stick on Pictorico OHP according to Jon Cone,the
producer of Piezography,but the negatives are very fragile.In the
instruction leaflet which comes with the inks he writes:glossy papers
are not compatible(!)and that is right.Not a word about film.But in his
e-mail to me he told me about the fragility on film.
Conclusion : don't use Piezography for making digital negatives.(I had
to pay a lot of money to learn that).
Kees Brandenburg gave me the advise to try original Epson inks with QTR and I will do that.
If anybody does not agree with my conclusion because he or she can make really good digital negatives with Piezography and Pictorico OHP (and with or without QTR) please let me know and tell me how you do that.
Kind regards
Erich Camerling