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Re: gum on vellum

I understand that vellum or parchment are strictly speaking terms only used
to describe paper made from animal hides.  However paper made from wood
pulp, or other such vegetable material, takes on similar properties (tough,
dense and more transparent) when subjected to an industrial process
featuring baths of concentrated sulphuric acid.  That sort of paper is
correctly called vegetable parchment, but often described simply as
parchment or vellum paper.

Don Sweet

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> On Tue, 20 May 2008, sam wang wrote:
> > Chris,
> >
> > Get the brand name from the student before he escapes for the summer.
> >
> > One cheapy vellum can be very different from another. Most can stand one
> > gum with no problem, but more than one coat is a different story.
> My experience is that at any price there's no rhyme or reason to what's
> labelled "vellum."  As I recall, the original article was pounded out of
> sheepskin (of which I once tried an extremely costly sheet, to no success)
> but I've seen everything from translucent/thin to heavy/opaque called
> "vellum," not to mention all those so-called "vellum" finishes.
> J.