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best film for 3800 PT/PD negs

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  • From: BOB KISS <bobkiss@caribsurf.com>
  • Date: Wed, 21 May 2008 09:28:30 -0400
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	Here goes.  I am about to buy an Epson 3800.  The local pre-press
house is letting its ImageSetter die of natural causes.  A circuit board has
failed and, because they have so little call for it any more, they don't
feel like maintaining it any further.  Read this as "Ooops!  No more
enlarged negs from my scans of my camera original negs!"  Hence my purchase.
        I would love to hear recommendations for the best film to use in the
3800 to print out enlarged negs for PT/PD printing as well as good
	How do we define good film?  Minimum running of pigment, quicker
drying, best density, anything else you think is good about your
recommendation?  Notice that I didn't mention price.  The way I look at it,
if I am printing on COT 320 and will charge a significant amount of money
for a print, I do not want to waste time, paper, and PT/PD chem to save a
few dollars per sheet of film if that film is really better than the less
expensive brand.  
	How do we define good supplier?  Reasonable price, quick shipping,
reliable inventory, safe packing of goods, anything else that you think is
good about your recommendation.  
	Thanks in advance for your recommendations.  

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