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RE: best film for 3800 PT/PD negs


I've been using a 3800 for digital negs for over a year. The "normal" OHP
is all you need. Depending on how you make your negatives, you can create
"extreme denisities" with that film. Using the Quad Tone RIP (QTR) program
and the matte black ink, I've seen densities in the 4.0 range. Way more
than needed for palladium printing. The matte black has much more UV
blocking ability than photo black. I'm using the Photo black ink (both of
these are installed in the printer, BTW) along with most of the other
colors with QTR and getting negatives that print beautifully with smooth
tones and transitions with none of the grittiness that can occur with
highly colorized negatives. My negs are very neutal looking with perhaps a
hint of brownish-green.

Ron Reeder has some good info on his website about making digital negs with
the 3800.


You've made a wise choice of printer!


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From: BOB KISS bobkiss@caribsurf.com
Date: Wed, 21 May 2008 16:46:03 -0400
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            Thanks for the clarification.  Yes, the 17" should do it.  

            Still wondering about that "extreme density" issue.  Please
recall that I mentioned that I have used ImageSetter negatives with
excellent resulting PT/PD prints.  They produced pretty high densities.
What do you mean by extreme?  Can you give me a number?  Have you ever
needed those densities  I can drag out my densitometer and read one of my
ImageSetter negs.   Also, what kind of increase in exposure does the Ultra
require.  25%?  50%  Double?  More?

            I am sorry to be so persistent about this but, as I live in
Barbados, it will cost me a LOT of money to ship this stuff in.  If I am
wrong I will be stuck with it and still have to get a replacement.



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