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Re: get your palladium now...

I never thought to ask! I didn't even know there was a palladium mine here until the news article. So the answer to your question is no :(

But it never hurts to ask...

PS this message I sent to the list never came to me...wonder whatupwitdat.
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Hey Chris,

Thanks for the update. More importantly, do you have a cheap source for palladium in Montana? Does Stillwater have a store? ;)


On May 30, 2008, at 11:32 AM, Christina Z. Anderson wrote:

Oh no,
I'm back after being gone on a trip to a stack of newspapers that I just finished going through. On Thursday's paper in the editorial column it says "State strikes gold with palladium coin".

Apparently there is a bill before congress to mint a 1907 coin out of palladium instead of gold as it was originally. It has to be mined out of American palladium. Did you know that the only American palladium mine is in Montana? Stillwater Mine near Nye MT. So this bill, if passed, will be a "goldmine" for MT but put even more demand on palladium for us alters.

It says in the article that palladium is $430 a troy ounce, platinum is $1300 and gold $900.

Most of the palladium goes into our catalytic converters in our cars...

Little factoids to wake you people up this morning!!


Christina Z. Anderson/CZAphotography.com