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2008 bi-yealry Texas Alt Process Gathering

Hello all, 
My name is Matt Magruder. I've been on the Alt Process list for a few years now, but rarely email through it, although I follow it regularly. I wanted to extend an invite to the mailinglist members that might be interested. 
Heres some brief info about the gathering.  More info to come. 

So its been 2 yrs since the last Texas Alt Process get together (and most all other processes for that matter) 
Its time to do it again. 

Bi-Yearly Texas Alt Process (and stuff) Gathering
When: Friday, Oct. 24th - Sunday, Oct. 26th, 2008
Where: Spring Branch, TX - Located in the Texas Hill Country right on the shores of Canyon Lake. Located just north of San Antonio. 
What: The format is relaxed to say the very least. Have a chance to share some work, have some good conversation, drink some good beer, have some good bbq, join some fellow photographers out shooting together and perhaps even have some demoes of some processes. 
The last get together had a helluva attendance, people showed off everything from tricolor gum prints, to silver prints, to photogravures, to platinum/palladiums, to a 20x24 ruby ambrotype. 

For those that couldn't make it to the last one, it was a wonderful time (and thanks to Mr. Clay "turnipista" Harmon for his generous hosting). I'm hoping we can continue along the same lines, a casual relaxed gathering, no strict schedule, all in all a good time for all. 

Location details: My wonderfully generous parents have offered to open up their spacious house on Canyon Lake to host it. Its on about 2+ acres right on the Canyon Lake shoreline. There are numerous hotels, B&Bs, cabins, etc within close proximity. Plenty of space in the house to relax on the porch, share prints, give informal talks, whatever. Theres even room in the garage for demoing some processes - anyone interested in a demo of pt/pd, gum-over pt/pd demo, wet plate, etc etc.... lots of possibilities. 

Its open for discussion. 

Likely Saturday could be "scheduled" to have the official gathering from lunch time till whenever it stops - I'm thinking some Salt Lick BBQ might be a nice dinner buffet.
Fri, Sat morn, sunday could possibly have some informal shooting outings. 
There are more locations than one could hope for within 40miles of the house. Old towns, spanish missions, churches, gorgeous rivers, state parks, industrial decay, the list goes on. 

I wanted to post this to get a feel for interest from people. Please post if you are interested in attending and share any/all thoughts or ideas. 

I know its a ways out, but figured better to get the ball rolling, so people could pencil it in. 
Sidenote: I think this is the first time in the 30yrs I've graced this earth that I've actually planned something more than 2 weeks in advance.

Matthew Magruder
fine art photography
p: 512.291.6002
Texas Church Project