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The print dryer that Jon Edwards sells (www.eepjon.com) uses a gentle and controllable heat that circulates over the prints. I use it to dry coated prints but and wouldn't use it for drying washed prints given its contamination with coating dust and such but there no reason it wouldn't make a swell dryer for washed prints if you used it for just that task. The dryer I have is actually his prototype and it has been working wonderfully for about 12 years. I sure don't miss waving a hair dryer back and forth all day long. ;^)

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On Jul 11, 2008, at 8:49 PM, Schuyler Grace wrote:

Is anyone on the list using a heated print dryer (Premier or Arkay, for example) to dry Pt/Pd or other alt prints?  I was considering buying one to replace and/or augment air drying on screens, but I leery of anything that uses heat on a print, dry mount presses included.






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