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RE: Print Dryers

SOunds like you don't need to build a drying cabinet—you live in one!

On Jul 12, 2008, at 1:27:25 AM, "Schuyler Grace" <schuyler@bellsouth.net> wrote:

Thanks, Bob and Dan, for your input.  I was planning to use the print dryer for washed Pt/Pd prints, not freshly coated paper.  Out here in Hell (the Phoenix, AZ area), the humidity is generally so low that coated paper dries in no time at all.  The problem is that I usually run 30 to 40 prints—sometimes more—at a go, so I’ve got drying screens everywhere.  After the prints are nearly dry, but still cool to the touch, I interleave them with blotter paper and press them in a homemade cold press for a day or so.  I was just wondering whether there was a “better” way that wouldn’t do any harm to the substrate or image.  I keep mulling building a drying cabinet, but the allure of not having to press the prints has me thinking about a print dryer that does both.