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Re: Photopolymer Photo Gravure Press Questions

Hi Robert,

Yes, the angle of the curve of the upper roller directly affects the overall pressure. You can get much higher pressure from an upper drum with a diameter of 10" than one of 4", and high, even pressure is what you want for printing photogravure quality from polymer plates. I'm not a physicist, but I know I won't print photogravure on a press with a roller less than 10" if I can help it.

Size of the bed is in direct proportion to the size of the plate you want to print. You should be able to print right to the edge, assuming your pressure is tight and even.

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Robert Newcomb wrote:
In regards to printing Photopolymer Photo Gravure, What does the size (diameter) of the upper roller have to do with a press's ability to print this plate? Is it the amount of pressure that it can apply to the plate?
Also, is there a rule of thumb about how wide a press bed should be in proportion to the size work one wants to print?

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Robert Newcomb

Jon Lybrook
Intaglio Editions