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Re: polaroid film question pods

if the pods dry out all is lost. If the pods are pliable images can generally be enjoyed. I have used Polaroid film that expired 20 years ago and was cold stored in a fridge (NOT FROZEN) and it was okay. Freeze drying pods is bad...
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Mark wrote:

ALL Polaroid brand film is "DI" Last stocks on market now. Fuji still makes most flavors but US distribution spotty. *** grab all you can while you can Mark
Don't bother, if what you want to do is store it for use after its expiration date. It goes bad almost immediately, no matter what you do.

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There are people on this list with a great deal more experience with Polaroid film than I have so maybe what I've observed was not typical. A couple of times I've refrigerated Polaroid B&W sheet film only to find that something had happened to the development pods. This was well thawed film but the material in the pods had solidified and no longer spread out on the film. I don't quite understand what happens since, presumably, the pods are sealed until broken by the processing rollers but cold storage does not seem to work very well. Perhaps Polaroid color film is different.

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