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dreamy Nikon lenses

        I have been fascinated with the old Soft Focus Lenses fore some time
now.  I have one of the most desired  Soft focus lenses of the period , a "
Pinkham Smith Visual Quality #4.  Many of the famous photographers of that
day used  the Pinkham.    These soft focus  lenses were generally  used on a
view camera.

        If you have a Nikon that produces this effect consistently, you have
a little jewel there.  It is probably uncoated...  Typically soft focus
lenses function at very wide apertures  producing a  halo effect  I would
imagine at f1.2 thru f.4 on a 35 mm camera.   A lens desined for this effect
will have a very wide range between these two f stops.....  Portrait
photographers  of the day would commonly use this effect to glamorize a
portrait .  You will never get the same effect using a soft focus lens vs.
just putting a filter on a regular lens.  There is a night and day
difference caused by spherical aberations vs. just diffusing the light with
a filter.

        Soft focus is going thru a tremendous renaissance and is hot hot
hot!  Unfortunately  Most photographers that really knew how to use one are
now dead along with their secrets.

John Cremati

> > Good morning!
> > Some of you are quite knowledgeable on lenses.  Do you know of a Nikon
> > 35mm lens that would have been in use in, say, the 40's, that produced
> > really dreamy, glowy images?
> >
> > The slides I have are from the 40's to the 70's and there is a major
> > difference in lens between earlier and later.  Or was it the film?  I
> > pulled apart one of the glass slides and it is Kodak "safety" film.
> > Chris
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