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Re: dreamy Nikon lenses

I've enjoyed this thread, while reflecting that these things (duh!) do go in cycles... I remember reading Gernsheim's furious contempt for Julia Margaret Cameron's "dreamy" tableaux, tho he did like her portraits of famous men.

Somehow the matter came up in a class I was teaching in the '90s, I mentioned that Julia Margaret had a lens *specially made* to be "bad," and the class leapt up, almost as one, wanting to know where to get one...

Nobody mentioned smearing vaseline on the lens, tho I've heard about that, and a friend of mine sticks a magnifying glass in front of some camera or other and gets a great "bad" image with that (wracking my brains trying to remember who that was !!!).

But Rudolpho's e-mail makes me wonder what I was wondering already. I happen to have a Goertz Dagor, and even (think I) know where it is. Can I fasten that in front of a digital camera... ? I suppose the answer is "try it," but... any hints?