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Re: My first platinum prints - and I'm hooked




for options using ammonium iron(III) oxalate sensitizer...

BTW, Pop Palladium prints made with humid paper can manifest quite strong


1 Ağustos 2008, Cuma, 7:19 pm tarihinde, Edward Draper yazmış:
> Hello there from sunny London
> I've just done my first ever batch of platinum prints and I am very
> pleased
> with them.
> However, there are two major problems
> 1) the expense of importing kits from Bostick and Sullivan - Santa Fe to
> London is not cheap
> 2) The blacks are not as black as I've seen in other platinum prints
> I have been told that Solutions A and B should be saturated with oxalic
> acid
> - to the point where there is a permanent residue at the bottom of the
> bottle
> Has anyone else had experience of this?
> So...
> I've decided to mix my own solutions.
> I've worked through the suppliers here in the UK and [found the CAS no.
> for
> all the substances]
> There is one major problem - ferric oxalate. I can get it but it is very
> expensive - I'm assured that I can make my own quite easily
> But I can get hold of ammonium ferric oxalate at a fraction of the cost
> I see that this can be used as a substitute
> Does anyone have a recipe based on ammonium ferric oxalate?
> Thanks a million
> Edward (soon to be poor) Draper