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Re: Register punch

I have access to numerous punches at works, and also have a Stoesser here. I find that for 99% of what I'm doing (mostly multi layer Gum and Cyano) the 3 hole punch (sans middle pin, mine is removeable) works fine. At work I do a lot of 4 color stripping on mylar, and of course, the needs are a little more demanding.

Stouffer Industries wrote:

We've used a modified (the middle punch is taken out) 3 hole punch for a very, and I mean, very long time for some of our set-up. We also have a Turnes pneumatic punch, a Duarte punch, and a couple Stoesser registration punches. They all do a very good job but I prefer the Duarte because it can be dialed to an exact width depending on the size of the job we are working on.

Kevin Morris
Stouffer Industries

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Bjørn Frostad wrote:
Does anyone know if and where I can get hold of a Kodak Register Punch - alternatively something that works even better....?
I may be labeled a heretic, but I find that a good 3 hole punch, and some 1/4" pins work fine.